Pinellas by Design
Pinellas by Design
The Redevelopment Draft Plan for the Pinellas Community

The Draft Plan Summit

A third and final countywide redevelopment half-day workshop, the Redevelopment Draft Plan Summit for the Pinellas Community, took place at four separate locations throughout Pinellas County on February 1-3, 2005. More than 400 people attended, again representing local governments, businesses, neighborhood and civic associations, and community groups from all areas of the county. Building on the findings of the Opportunities Summit and the objectives of the Strategies and Policies Summit, participants discussed and debated the recommended strategies in the Draft Plan that could be used to meet economic development and redevelopment goals of the Pinellas community.

The event featured presentations from the consultant team members identifying the three main areas of the plan: economics, real estate and urban design. The audience was also invited to participate in moderated small-group discussions about the plan strategies, and to complete a corridor, centers and district exercise, which asked them to examine a map of that particular section of the county and determine the types of development that belong in each area.

Slideshow presentation shown during the summit included:
Materials distributed during the summit included:
Pinellas by Design: An Economic Development and Redevelopment Plan for the Pinellas Community
The Economic Development and Redevelopment Plan for the Pinellas Community (EDRP) will be the foundation of Pinellas by Design. The purpose of the EDRP is to identify the principal initiatives necessary to best assure the future economic prosperity, and corresponding high quality of life, desired for all of Pinellas County's citizens and businesses. The EDRP establishes the economic, real estate, and regulatory considerations upon which the recommended strategies for economic development and redevelopment are founded.

The Economic Development and Redevelopment Plan was based on input gathered at the Draft Plan Summit. It was approved by the Steering Committee in July 2005, the Pinellas Planning Council in September 2005, and the Board of County Commissioners sitting as the Countywide Planning Authority on November 1, 2005.