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One of the principal goals of redevelopment is to build long-term economic vitality for the Pinellas community. To encourage business expansion and high wage job growth, the Economic Development and Redevelopment Plan has proposed a variety of investment tools and business incentives that complement redevelopment.

Business Expansion
Competitive business incentives for companies creating high wage jobs act as a catalyst for economic development efforts, facilitate a pro-business climate and ensure a trained and diversified workforce. Pinellas County has identified Brownfields Programs and Enterprise Zones as important components of these efforts.

As the cost of construction rises, redevelopment of these existing commercial sites using performance-based job creation incentives can benefit the environment and encourage business expansion. The Brownfields Program is an essential investment tool that allows Pinellas County to offer incentives to aid businesses interested in joining Pinellas County's redevelopment efforts.

Enterprise Zones are geographic areas targeted for economic revitalization. This program encourages environmental improvement and business reinvestment to recreate economically and environmentally sound workplaces with significant cost savings for employers. The Enterprise Zone program allows Pinellas County companies to receive tax credits and financial incentives while improving the quality of life for the county's citizens and business community.

Job Growth
High wage job creation, and recruiting companies with careers that pay above average salaries in targeted industries, is a key component of economic development and redevelopment. Targeted industry growth fuels research projects, fosters high-tech industry growth and contributes to the county's overall economy.

Pinellas County's redevelopment plan is essential to improving quality of life and economic vitality. Creating high wage jobs, identifying areas poised for economic reinvestment, and collaboration between businesses, municipal partners, and citizens will ensure a sound redevelopment strategy.

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