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The Strategies and Policies Summit - 2003

The Strategies and Policies Summit

A second countywide redevelopment workshop, the Redevelopment Strategies and Policies Summit for the Pinellas Community, took place on October 24, 2003 at the St. Petersburg Hilton. More than 200 people attended, again representing local governments, businesses, neighborhood and civic associations, and community groups from all areas of the county. Building on the findings of the Opportunities Summit, participants discussed and debated specific policies that could be used to meet economic development and redevelopment goals.

The event featured presentations and panel discussions by a diverse group of speakers, including elected officials, county staff members, representatives of the real estate and development communities, and consultant team members. The audience was also invited to participate in moderated small-group discussions and complete an in-depth questionnaire, which asked them to examine a number of proposed redevelopment strategies and rank them according to importance. Items included incentives that should be offered to attract or retain high wage businesses, criteria for determining when incentives should be offered, how regulatory codes should be structured, and what land use patterns should be encouraged. The responses are presented in a document entitled Strategies and Policies Summit Survey Results: Technical Memorandum.

Slideshow presentations shown during the summit included:
Materials distributed during the summit included: