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Expanding? Relocating? Consider the Business Advantages of a Brownfield Site in Pinellas County.

Brownfield Sites are abandoned, idled, or underused industrial and commercial properties where expansion or redevelopment is complicated by actual or perceived environmental contamination.

Land Redevelopment Sites can include:
  • Vehicle or boat maintenance facilities
  • Gas stations
  • Dry cleaners
  • Former commercial facilities
  • Landfills

  • As the cost of construction rises, land recycling can save financial resources, provide tax credits for eligible businesses, and benefit the environment.

    Why Choose a Brownfield?

    As vacant land becomes scarce, Pinellas County is looking to the future and focusing on redevelopment. The Brownfields Program allows the county to offer incentives and aid to those interested in joining Pinellas County's land recycling efforts.

    The Brownfields Program enhances redevelopment opportunities and economic vitality in Pinellas County while improving quality of life.

    Pinellas County's Brownfields Program allows parties interested in land recycling parcels in Pinellas County to apply for funds to assess the environmental status of the parcel.

    Benefits for Pinellas County Businesses

    The Brownfields Program can provide financial resources for eligible businesses, saving both time and money to improve your bottom line. Businesses may be eligible for:
  • Site Assessment Assistance
  • Tax Incentives
  • Job Creation Tax Credits
  • Loan Guarantees
  • Sales Tax Credits
  • Liability Protection

  • Discover this redevelopment investment tool available to Pinellas County businesses and trim costs while combining redevelopment with measurable environmental improvement.

    Successful Brownfield Sites Include:

  • Young-Rainey STAR Center (Largo)
  • Dome Industrial Park (St. Petersburg)
  • IMRglobal/CRUM Services (Clearwater)

  • A Strategic Planning Initiative

    The State of Florida, Pinellas County, and the cities of St. Petersburg and Clearwater have identified the Brownfields Program as a cornerstone in their redevelopment and community revitalization efforts. These government entities have successfully designated several Brownfield sites to offer enhanced redevelopment incentives.

    For more information, visit these websites:
    Pinellas County

    City of Clearwater

    City of St. Petersburg

    State of Florida

    Lealman Area-Wide Designation

    In September 2005, the Pinellas County Board of County Commissioners unanimously passed a resolution designating an area-wide brownfield in Central and East Lealman. This is the County's first area-wide designation.

    Designating an area as a Brownfield can spur redevelopment efforts, revitalize a community, improve the environment, fuel job growth, increase property values and standard of living, promote secondary business creation and provide reduced construction costs and financial incentives for local businesses.

    Before view of property
    photo provided by the City of Clearwater

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