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Dome Industrial Park

Location: Off I-275 south of 5th Avenue South and east of 22nd Street South, St. Petersburg

Project Type: Redevelopment

Description: The 122 acre Dome Industrial Park is a redevelopment project begun by the City of St. Petersburg in 1999. A part of one of the city's oldest industrial areas, the 19 acre site is located directly to the east of downtown . Benefiting from its proximity to downtown, the park has already attracted a unique mix of industrial and arts-oriented businesses, including a circuit board manufacturing firm and a 12,000 square-foot pottery studio.

Within the greater Dome Industrial Park, the City has initiated the 19 acre Dome Industrial Park Pilot Project. It began as a collection of nearly seventy small residential, commercial, and industrial parcels, more than half of them valued at $15,000 or less. The city acquired and assembled the parcels over a three-year period.

The city has committed $7.5 million, including a $1 million Brownfields Economic Development Initiative grant and a $4 million loan guarantee from the Department of Housing and Urban Development, to complete acquisitions, site clearing, environmental clean-up, and upgrading of infrastructure such as roads, water and sewer lines, and streetlighting. The project, which has a goal of creating 600 new jobs, is part of a larger revitalization effort in the city's Midtown area. The site is currently available and the City is accepting plans for appropriate end-users.

Dome Industrial Park provided by the City of St. Petersburg
Aerial View
provided by the City of St. Petersburg

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